Nordisk Film TV Creative is a part of Nordisk Film TV Denmark. Our team consists of some of Denmark’s most experienced and skilled award-winning motion designers. We are proud to be part of Nordisk Film TV Denmark - and now we invite you to come play with us!

Creative, collaborating and fast working: We thrive in fast-paced environments dealing with day-to-day deadlines as well as more complex and longer lasting projects. We provide everything from the full graphic package in 'All Against 1' to simple animated explainers. We aim to please - always in a close dialogue and collaboration with your editors and producers.  


Pawel Binczycki

Award-winning motion graphic designer with a speciality in 2D animation. 

Pawels ambition is to consistently create an exiting and dynamic visual narrative which makes the clients story come to live in the best possible way.

Furthermore Pawel is particularly skilled within the field of vibrant and unique character animations. 

Johannes Larsen

Enjoys finding the right look and feel for a production, using art direction, 2D/3D animation, logo design, and compositing.

Johannes likes to create vibrant and energetic visuals whether it’s serious documentaries or goofy game shows.

Apart from the job at Nordisk Film TV, Johannes occasionally work as an external lecturer at DMJX teaching motion design.